Мультифункциональный бизнес роутер Mediant 800 MSBR


TDM Networking Interfaces

  • WAN: Multiple WAN Interfaces; Support for T1/E1*, SHDSL, ADSL2+, VDSL, 100Base-X, 1000Base-X (SFP Format)
  • LAN: 2 configurations: 4 ports 10/100/1000Base-T plus additional 8 10/100Base-TX ports or 2 ports 10/100/1000Base-T; PoE on all ports is optional, PoE management
  • WiFi: Wifi Access Point support for 802.11 a/b/g/n dual-band, 2.4 GHz, 5GHz
  • WAN Interfaces:

  • ADSL2+ (Annex A,B,I,J,L,M); SHDSL (Annex A,B,F,G), 2Base-2L; VDSL1, VDSL2 (bandplan 997,998, profiles 8,12,17,30), 10PASS-TS; 10/100/1000Base-X Full Duplex SFP, 100Base-FX, 1000BAse-SX/LX; EFM (802.3ah) for VDSL2 and SHDSL; ATM for ADSL and SHDSL; RFC2684, VC-MUX, LLC SNAP; 8 PVCs, multiple IP interfaces; IP, PoE, PPPoE, IPCP, NCP, LCP, PAP, CHAP, PPP, ML-PPP; ATM Service Categories (UBR, VBR-RT, VBR-nRT, CBR)
  • Telephony Interfaces:

  • PSTN Capacity: Voice interfaces: The Mediant 800 is equipped with up to 12 analog PSTN intefaces, 8 BRI and 2 E1/T1 span or a combination
  • Digital Interfaces: 2 span E1/T1/J1 using RJ-48c connectors; 8BRI ports using RJ-48c connectors
  • Analog Interfaces: UP to 12 analog FXS/FXO ports using RJ-11 connectors; Option of 1 FXS Lifeline ports in case of power failure
  • BRI Interfaces: 8 BRI ports (16 calls), network S/T interfaces, NT or TE termination, using RJ-45 cjnnectors
  • Data Routing

  • PPP, MLPPP, PPPoE, PPPoA, L2TP, IPoE, IPoA; ATM: Up to 8 PVC`s; OAM-F5 (send/receive): loopback, continuity check; Shaping: UBR, VBR-NRT, VBR-RT, CBR; DHCP Client, Relay, server; VLAN; Layer 3 routing and Layer 2 bridging, Jumbo frames; Internal Layer 2 switching; Static and dynamic routing (RIP1, RIP2, OSPFv2, BGPv4), Policy-Based Routing; Multicast routing: IGMPv2/3; IPv6, IPv6/IPv4 Dual Stack, ICMPv6, DHCPv6, SLAAC
  • IP/VoIP Quality of Service

  • IEEE 802.1P, TOS, DiffServ labeling; IEEE 802.1Q VLAN tagging; RTCP-XR (Extended Reports per RFC 3611); Shaping Policing, Queuing, Bandwidth Reservation (Optional)
  • Media Processing

  • Voice Coders: G.711, G.726, G.723.1, G.729A, AMR, G.722, AMR-WB, SILK, SILK-WB; Independent dynamic vocoder selection per channel
  • Echo Cancellation: G.165, G.168-2002, with 32,64 or 128 msec tail length
  • Quality Enhancement: Dynamic programmable jitter buffer, VAD, CNG
  • DTMF/MF Tones:Packet-side or PSTN-side detection and generation, RFC 2833 compliant DTMF relay and Call Progress tones Detection and Generation
  • IP Transport: VoIP (RTP/RTCP) per IETF RFC 3550 and 3551, IPv6 Supported
  • Fax Transport: T.38 compliant (real time fax), Automatic bypass to PCM
  • Signaling

  • Digital - PSTN Protocols: E1 signaling: CAS: MF-R1: T1 CAS (E&M, loop start, Feature Group-D, E911CAMA), E1 CAS (R2 MFC), R1.5. numerous protocol and country variants; ISDN PRI: ETSI/EURO ISDN, ANSI NI2 and other variants (DMS100, 5ESS), VN3, VN4, VN6; ISDN BRI: Euro ISDN, VN4/6 or QSIG
  • Analog Signaling: Loop Start FXS/FXO, Caller ID, polarity reversal, distinctive ringing, visual Message Waiting Indication

    Control and Management

  • Control protocols: Static and dynamic routing (RIP1, RIP2, OSPF, BGP), multi-VRF, L2 bridging; SIP-TCP, SIP-UDP, SIP-TLS, IPv6 supported**; Cloud Resilience Package (CRP) and Standalone Survivability (SAS) for service continuity, Microsoft RBA
  • Operations and Management: AudioCodes Element Management System; Embedded HTTP Web Server, SNMP V2/V3, SSH, Telnet, TR-069; Remote configuration and software download via HTTP or HTTPS, RADIUS, Syslog (for events and alarm)
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