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New Systems Telecom is a rapidly growing company with significant experience in serving fixed and mobile networks operators-leaders of telecom industry in Russia, Republics of former Soviet Union (CIS) and Eastern Europe.

Due to unique expertise of our team and partner agreements with global suppliers we can offer to our clients the most effective solutions and technical strategies for networks development. The company is focused on clients' current and prospective needs in serving their networks growth and support.

New Systems Telecom offer innovative solutions, products and services in the field of telecom systems and networks development and operation.

Our core group of specialists have worked in industry for more than 10 years. Together, we have outstanding record of successfully completed projects for major telecom operators and key corporate clients such as Rostelecom, Megafon, TransTelecom, SberBank of Russia.

Main lines of our activities:

  • concept design of customer's network infrastructure based on most advanced level and prospective trends of communication technologies;
  • hardware and software system integration for telecom projects;
  • delivery and distribution of telecommunication equipment;
  • installation and commissioning, 24×7 technical support and monitoring of telecom networks.

We offer products, solutions and services in the following fields:

  • optical transport networks: SDH, CWDM, DWDM;
  • broadband access: xDSL, FTTx;
  • multi service networks: MetroEthernet, MPLS;
  • wireless networks: Wi-Fi, Broadband Radio, Long-Haul Radio;
  • NGN services: VoIP, IPTV, FMC.

Our solutions are based on carefully selected product lines of our partners — world leaders in telecommunication industry.

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11/1A Ordzhonikidze Street,
Moscow, 115419

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